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How this helps you:

This activity suggests important questions to ask your forester, emphasizes safety and timber harvesting guidelines, and recommends mapping your property to guide the design of roads, skid trails and the harvesting process to protect soil, water, rare species, and cultural resources.

Step 1: Read Chapter 8 and 9

Read both Chapter 8: Marketing Timber (Adobe PDF icon PDF version) and Chapter 9: Harvesting Timber (Adobe PDF icon PDF version) before proceeding with a timber sale or working with a forester or logger on a timber sale.

Step 2: Identify Questions to Ask Your Forester

Because you may know a lot about your property, you can help your forester prepare for a timber harvest. As you read this chapter, we identify various items you may want to discuss with or tell your forester about your woodland. We have also included some frequently asked questions (FAQ) for various sections.

Listed below are important questions to ask your forester:

Step 3: Read about Safety and Timber Harvest Guidelines

Read the sections on Safety and Timber Harvesting Guidelines (Adobe PDF icon PDF version; page 116). Ask your forester about best management practices for timber harvesting which are most relevant for your timber sale. Based on your knowledge of your property, can you provide any of the following for your forester?

Step 4: Map Your Property

Create a map of your property. The map can be hand drawn or can be created from professional maps or aerial photographs. On the map, capture the following information:

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