Inspecting the Active Harvest Operation

Before harvesting begins, your forester should visit the site with the buyer to review the terms of the contract, point out the sale boundaries, discuss the location of log landings and roads, and point out any hazards or areas that require special protection during logging. Once harvesting begins, you or your forester should visit the area frequently to make sure the harvest is proceeding according to the terms of the contract and to discuss questions that might arise. Frequent visits will help you become familiar with timber harvesting operations and help you plan future timber sales. Keep in mind, however, that logging is a dangerous activity. Do not endanger yourself or the loggers by getting too close to an active operation. Wear a hard hat and bright colored clothing whenever visiting an active operation, and do not approach equipment without the operator acknowledging you and motioning you forward.

If you observe any problems while checking the harvest operation, simple suggestions to the buyer usually will resolve them, unless you observe a flagrant violation. Deal directly with the buyer or the buyer?fs designated representative. Do not complain or make suggestions to other individuals on the job unless they are causing immediate problems and the buyer is not on site.

When all provisions of the contract have been fulfilled, all wood and equipment has been removed, and there are no outstanding financial obligations (for example, repairs to roads or gates, or rehabilitation work on the site), write a letter releasing the buyer from the contract and return the performance bond (if one was posted).