Tree Species

- Aspen

- Balsam Fir


Intermediate Treatments

Range of quaking aspenOnce an aspen stand has regenerated, trees grow rapidly. A densely stocked stand thins naturally; artificial thinning is unnecessary to produce pulp-wood and may increase losses from hypoxylon canker and rot. Dense stands also promote natural pruning. Artificially thinned stands may produce more sawtimber and veneer than unthinned stands, but thin to grow these products only when disease incidence is low and the site index is 70 or higher. One thinning at about age 30 leaving approximately 240 trees an acre may be appropriate. Row thinning of sapling stands has produced faster volume growth on residual trees, but results are inconsistent. Take great care to avoid wounding residual aspen trees, since decay and discoloration can enter trees through those wounds.