Tree Species

- Aspen

- Balsam Fir


Range of quaking aspenThe aspen forest type, dominated by quaking aspen (also called “poplar” or “popple”) and bigtooth aspen, covers more area than any other forest type in the Lake States (Figure 6-1). Paper birch and pin cherry are common associates. Balsam poplar (balm of gilead) is found on moist sites. Aspen is very intolerant of shade and relatively short-lived.

Stands can be invaded readily by more shade-tolerant species. On dry sites, aspen may be replaced by red pine, red maple, or oaks; on sites with intermediate moisture, by white pine; on fertile sites by northern hardwoods, white spruce, and balsam fir; and on the wettest sites by balsam fir, black spruce, black ash, and northern white-cedar.