Growth and Yield Tables

Yield tables have been developed for some commercially important tree species showing the estimated volume of wood per acre that could be grown at different stand ages. Such tables usually estimate expected volumes in pure, even-aged stands on sites of different quality as measured by site index. Table 2-3 is a yield table for red pine. If you owned an even-aged red pine stand with a site index of 65, current stand age of 80 years, and basal area of 120 square feet, you could expect to have a volume of approximately 42.3 cords per acre. There also are computer programs that predict growth and yield at different stand ages based on inventory information.

Table 2-3. Volume in cords per acre1 for even-aged red pine stands by site index, age, total tree height, and basal area

Yield information can be used as a basis for financial analyses of different investment alternatives. Yield tables are not always accurate, but are helpful for comparisons. Your forester may be able to provide growth and yield information for your woodland.