Selected NTFPs

Identifying potential NTFPs and incorporating them into a management plan will help your woodlot achieve its full potential, through utilization of a diverse array of plant and animal resources. A conversation with your neighbor, with friends in town, or with a professional forester may help you identify potential NTFPs on your land and incorporate them into your management objectives. Before harvesting any NTFP, consult with a forester and a buyer to ensure you’re following the best management practices and meeting the product standards necessary for commercialization.

Characterizing the varied uses and values of NTFPs is challenging because of the sheer diversity of interesting and useful forest plants and animals, as well as the potential for multiple uses of each resource. Additionally, NTFP use is seasonal, and often practiced on smaller scales than other forest uses such as logging. For these reasons, NTFP value is best considered cumulatively―as a suite of products harvested during a single season or throughout an annual cycle composed of seasonal activities.