- Introduction
- B-1: Quaking Aspen
- B-2: Balsam Fir in the Lake States
- B-3: Black Spruce
- B-4: Black Walnut
- B-5: Green Ash
- B-6: Eastern Cottonwood
- B-7: Eastern White Pine
- B-8: Hardwood Comparisons
- B-9: Jack Pine
- B-10: Northern White-Cedar
- B-11: Red Pine
- B-12: Tamarack
- B-13: Northern Red Oak

B-8: Hardwood Comparisons

Note: If you know the site index for one species, you can determine the site index for another species on the same site by moving vertically up or down to the curve for each species of interest. For example, if you know the site index for aspen is 72, find that number on the aspen curve. Then read directly downward to the white ash curve to find the corresponding site index of 68 for white ash.

Source: USDA, Forest Service. 1985. Northern Hardwood Notes (Note 4.02). U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402.