- Introduction
- B-1: Quaking Aspen
- B-2: Balsam Fir in the Lake States
- B-3: Black Spruce
- B-4: Black Walnut
- B-5: Green Ash
- B-6: Eastern Cottonwood
- B-7: Eastern White Pine
- B-8: Hardwood Comparisons
- B-9: Jack Pine
- B-10: Northern White-Cedar
- B-11: Red Pine
- B-12: Tamarack
- B-13: Northern Red Oak

B-1: Quaking Aspen

Note: Add 4 years to age at DBH to obtain total age.

Source: Carmean, W. H., J. T. Hahn, and R. D. Jacobs. 1989. Site Index Curves for Forest Tree Species in the Eastern United States (General Technical Report NC-128). USDA Forest Service, North Central Forest Experimental Station, 1Folwell Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108. p. 46.