1: Preparing a Woodland Stewardship Plan – Links & Resources

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Online Resources

  • Airphotos Online
    Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

    Description: This Internet service provides direct access to the most recent color infrared aerial photographs taken by Minnesota DNR for forest management. Locate photos of interest by navigating through the photo database. Then you can view, download and order digital and hardcopy airphoto products. Low and medium resolution views can be viewed and downloaded without charge. High-resolution views can be purchased online by credit card and saved in your personal online album.

  • Forestry’s Aerial Photography Program
    Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

    Description: It provides instructions on how to view digital orthophotos of Wisconsin forest land on the DNR website and how to order photos from a vendor.

  • Wisconsin DNRWebview

    Description: This is an interactive online map viewer. Using your Web browser, you can access and display aerial photographs and a subset of Geographic Information System (GIS) data.

  • USGS Store

    Description: It offers numerous types of maps, including topographic maps for the United States.

  • Web Soil Survey
    USDA. Natural Resources Conservation Service

    Description: It has maps showing the location of each soil type in the landscape; soil descriptions; use, management and productivity of soils for different agricultural crops, tree species, road construction, etc.; genesis and morphology of soils.

  • Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin

    Description: It provides an ecosystem map of Wisconsin. You can click on an ecosystem of interest to bring up information including topography and soils, vegetation, hydrologic features, land use, socioeconomics, species of greatest conservation need, management opportunities, and various maps.

  • Wisconsin Natural Heritage Working List
    Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

    Description: This site provides a list of species known or suspected to be rare in Wisconsin and natural communities native to Wisconsin and their legal status as Endangered, Threatened, or Special Concern.

  • Natural Heritage Inventory County Data by Township
    Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

    Description: It lists species known or suspected to be rare in each Wisconsin township and provides their legal status as endangered, threatened, or special concern as well as the township and range where each has been found.

  • Animals, Plants, and Natural Communities
    Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

    Description: For rare species in Wisconsin, it provides a photograph, habitat description, and management recommendations. The amount of information varies by species.

  • Stewardship Plan Writers
    Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative

    Description: This site lists Stewardship Plan Writers and the Minnesota Counties where each one works. An interactive state map allows you to zoom into the geographic area of interest to find local foresters.

  • Regional landscape ecosystems of Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin: a working map and classification (Gen. Tech. Rep. NC-178).
    1998. Albert, Dennis A. St. Paul, MN: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, North Central Forest Experiment Station. Jamestown, ND: Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Online.

    Description: It provides an interactive map for each of the three states. Then you can click on a region of the map to bring up a detailed ecological description, including ecological issues of concern.

Print Resources

  • Aerial Imagery Archive. Michigan Department of Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

    Description: This site provides free access to aerial imagery of Michigan that you can view or download to your computer. To view images, you need a special viewer (similar to how you need Adobe Reader to view publications in PDF formats). All images downloaded from this site are in MrSID format, so they are smaller files and load faster.

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